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Information and Defense Systems

About Us

We are continuing our services for serving the best interests of our country by signing agreements

Quality Awareness and Dependence on Work Ethics Final products or parts imported from Far East count

Analyzing and understanding expectations of our clients is one of the biggest aims of our company.

Information belongs to our project that has been developed in accordance with customer needs is had

As we believe, we must move on the same speed with speed of technological developments and progresses.

Cooperation Values Beyond ExpectationsSharing the latest developments and progresses on technology i

Our Solutions

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Partnership between ITDC and Gatekeeper who is producing patented area scanning under vehicle inspection systems is providing the most important security sol

Video Transmission Solutions

Video Transmission Solutions

We are providing video transmission solutions which can be used on both broadcasting field and tactical operations

Sky-watch , Sky-watch , Sky-watch

Unmanned Air Vehices

Today, it is possible to have information remotely just before the operations by using UAV solutions.

 Teledynee ICM

Mobile X-Ray Systems

Time is today’s most important value and this is an undeniable truth.

Fire Arms ITDC  Defence

Fire Arms

Fire arms technologies have improved fastly and by the result of this improvements, modern fire arms have has deeloped.

Safran Vectronix

Optical Systems

Especially on tactical missions, observing is very crucial and important subject for gathering evidences and securing borders.

Intelligence Equipments

Intelligence Equipments

As ITDC Informatics and Defence Systems, we believe the only key for path to success is efficient usage of “knowladge”.


  • Under Vehicle Inspection Systems
  • Gatekeeper
  • Video Transmission Solutions
  • Aviwest
  • Eskan Electronics
  • Covidence
  • Mobile X-Ray Systems
  • Teledynee ICM
  • Fire Arms
  • Daniel Defence
  • Voere
  • Lancer
  • H-S Precision
  • Optical Systems
  • Safran Vectronix
  • Pyser-Sgi
  • Pulsar
  • Yukon Global Optics
  • Intelligence Equipments
  • Eskan Electronics
  • Sim Secure
  • Covidence

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